Agristo launches a new house style and corporate identity

Agristo has a never-ending concern to renew, improve and optimise. This applies to our production process, our quality standards, the environment and our customer service. Our corporate identity should reflect these concerns of ours. We are proud to introduce our new corporate identity and website, keeping it up to date, recognisable and oriented towards the future.
This is Agristo!

New logo Agristo




This year Agristo has existed for 30 years and this birthday requires a new corporate identity. Of course we kept our strong name but the logo underwent a metamorphosis. In 1986 Agristo started producing frozen fries. Thirty years later, 2016, we have become a world player in the production of frozen potato products and specialties for the private label and the foodservice market. A big leap forwards…. The expansion has brought more fries, croquettes and wedges but also more enthusiastic collaborators. Whereas in 1986 Agristo was represented by a handful of people, we are 450 today…and we keep growing.

So our logo no longer covered the contents (since the A referred to our fries …). To represent the growth, the wide range of products Agristo offers, the collaboration within and with our company,we have put a lot of effort in creating a new logo, house style, corporate identity and website.

‘An organisation has to keep moving and innovating, that also applies to us’, says Filip Wallays, Sales director. Of course our focus lies on products, customers, suppliers and collaborators, but aspects as a new logo, house style, website and image are also very important. We want to communicate clearly and be transparent for all our stakeholders.

The new logo and baseline represent Agristo as it is today. The new, rounder letters,the dynamic effect of warm colours with the nod towards the potato, you find all these elements in our new logo. The baseline stresses the collaboration between companies and the creation of a unity. Our strength lies in our collaborators who are pulling in the same direction… and the love for our basic product.

The idea behind our website is that anyone who is interested either in our products, our company or our vacancies can quickly find all the information they are looking for. Besides the logo we also developed different items such as stationery, invoices and promotion material, lettering on company buildings. A new brochure is on its way, trailers and trucks will get a new look …

We are proud of the result. ‘With this fresh and modern house style, we are ready for the future’, concludes Filip Wallays.

Agristo launches a new house style and corporate identity