Where do Agristo potatoes come from?

In order to offer you the perfect fries or croquettes we only use the best potatoes in the region. Our suppliers are our partners: agricultural experts who grow and store the raw produce with love and skill. This guarantees that we only process ‘Nature’s Best’ products.

Do you find Agristo on trade fairs?

If you are looking for a job, please come to one of the ‘job fairs’ where we can get to know one another.

Do you want to know more about the opportunities we have in store for you? Pay us a visit at the international trade fairs such as Anuga (Germany), PLMA (The Netherlands), Sial (France), FHA (Singapore), Interpom (Belgium), …

How does Agristo take care of the environment?

Since potatoes are our basic ingredient, we highly depend on nature. That is why we do take so much care of the environment. Each production unit has a water purification station to purify and recycle the water used for washing, peeling and blanching raw produce. Our state of the art machinery park also contributes to a rational use of energy. We apply other energy-saving techniques (for instance recuperation of energy in the automatic reefer warehouse to operate the cranes). Biogas released during the production process is used to generate electricity.

Other examples are the use of certified sustainable palm oil for a number of clients (RSPO). http://www.rspo.org/about

And finally, everything used or consumed during the production process gets a specific destination and does not end up as waste.

How to finish off pre-baked fries?

Do you also want to know the golden frying recipe? How can you fry to get a high quality, nutritional good tasting potato product? Together with EUPPA (European Potato Processors’ Organisation) the European potato processors have made an overview with helpful tips to fry to perfection. You find all information and films on www.goodfries.eu.